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Learning Journey, Tracemap

Which Digital Democracy?

There is a certain life-cycle within democracies: Individuals experience living in a society with a given set of rules; they criticize the legal/political/economic system identifying aspects that need to be changed; then, they try to let their voices be heard, letting their representatives know and do something about it. Ideally, […]

Learning Journey, Tracemap

A collective Mind

When the internet started getting real in the 90s, many promising ideas emerged about how it could become a new sort of place for experimenting connection, freedom and openness. Almost three decades later, the real internet has become – to say the least – a painful mess. Every day, users must battle hard to find information. Once found, it takes a significant amount of time to determine its reliability – and it is impossible to do that for everything we read. Quality information in the digital world is not for beginners; knowledge is a luxury.