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Digi.Dem.Cities, Learning Journey

Behind the map (and the name)

From its very beginning, our initiative was a collaborative project. It includes activists, scholars, researchers from all around Europe, and more. Although we do communicate regularly, it has been clear from the start that we need to find a way from time to time meet in person. Following the previous […]

Digi.Dem.Cities, Learning Journey

When the squares emptied…

Written by: Bertie Russell   On September 15th, 2008, the global finance firm Lehmann Brothers filed for bankruptcy. A billion dollar business ceased to exist overnight. The collapse triggered an almost unprecedented financial crisis, as investors went into a collective panic that trillions of dollars worth of stocks and shares […]

Digi.Dem.Cities, Learning Journey

How do we map the change?

Cities are the scene of resistance and innovation, often in terms of spontaneous ruptures: the place where social protests erupt and mutual cooperation unfolds, where street mobilisations and processes of cultural creation and productive innovation emerge. European Alternatives has long been committed to supporting social dynamics, citizens’ platforms and local […]